What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

by Faith Trombley, Media and Marketing Intern

The new year is a time that brings many life changes – new year’s resolutions are in full swing, school is back in session, and it’s the start of a new decade. This time of year brings many people the opportunity to take a look at their life and set goals for the future, and for many students this brings up an important question: what do I want to be when I grow up? As a senior at Danbury High School, and the Media & Marketing Intern for The Ottawa County Improvement Corporation (OCIC), my goal is to attend Wittenberg University in the fall to study journalism and writing. For many, however, the answer to this question is broad and ever-changing.

Children often have the wildest and purest dreams for their futures. Many want to be astronauts or fairy princesses, but what they don’t understand yet is that there are plenty of opportunities around their home here in Ottawa County that will bring them a successful career and close-knit community. I asked a group of Danbury students, ranging from preschoolers to the high school seniors “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Here are some of their responses:

“I wanna be a firefighter!”- Leo, preschool

“I want to be an ice cream lady.”-Gwen, preschool

“I want to be a Geologist because I like rocks!”-Logan, preschool

These young students have great minds with great ideas. They can and will accomplish so much within their lifetimes, and I’m already so proud of them – and I know their teachers and families are too.

Many of the jobs that our students are thinking about can be found right here in Ottawa County, so maybe one day after changing their minds over and over they’ll come back to option one and find that dream position close to home.

“I’m going to be a soccer player!” -Valo, second grade

“A doctor.”-Scarlett, second grade

“I’m going to work with my dad in a scrap yard!”- Addison, second grade

If you ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up, the answer would probably change every day. That’s the joy of being young and having time to use your imagination. From preschool up to junior year, you could change your mind several times before thoughts of college push you to make a final decision.

“Psychiatrist.”-Sam, freshman

“Either a teacher or a flight attendant.”-Adrianna, freshman

“I want to be an occupational therapist.”-Tristan, freshman

What about the seniors at Danbury? It’s crunch time now. There are roughly five months until we put on our caps and gowns to accept the diplomas that we have worked so hard for. What have the childhood dreams of these once imaginative preschoolers become, as these seniors learn, grow, and explore all the opportunities the world provides:

“I’m going to college for songwriting.” -Brianna, senior.

“Air Force.”-Coy, senior

“I’m attending college for media and marketing.”-Lyndsey, senior

Ottawa County is home to many job opportunities. Currently available are openings in the fields of medicine, teaching, IT assistance, engineering, retail, travel, and so much more. As these students grow up their career aspirations will change several times – but one thing’s for certain – whatever it is they choose, Ottawa County has opportunities in the career they’re looking for.

To learn more about OCIC and the Business Advisory Council, and to explore career resources available within Ottawa County, visit the OCIC website, and follow “Ottawa County It’s All Here” on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

About the Author

Faith Trombley is a Media and Marketing intern with the Ottawa County Improvement Corporation. As a senior at Danbury High School in Marblehead, OH, Faith is interested in broadcast media, journalism, and digital marketing. Faith is involved in choir and spends most of her time in Toft’s Ice Cream Parlor in Port Clinton. After graduation, she plans to attend Wittenberg University.

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