How To Land Your Dream Job In OC

Think back to when you were in kindergarten – what did you want to be when you grew up? While many of us wanted to be superheroes and princesses at that age, there were also just as many who dreamed of being teachers, scientists, doctors, police officers or firefighters.

Ottawa County, Ohio is the place to build your career in a diverse range of fields, including those you dreamed of growing up. These careers provide opportunities for excitement, recognition, and the chance to help others and give back to the community.

Here is a list of dream jobs available to you in Ottawa County, and how you can kick start your career to create a life you love.


Ottawa County is home to 6 public school districts and three private K-5 schools, all of which have achieved a minimum of the state’s second highest rating of “effective” or higher. Our school districts are a close-knit community where teachers really know their students and families, and where students have access to the personalized attention and resources they need to succeed. Ottawa County’s schools are also known for their school spirit and attendance at high school sporting events.

Learn more about education in Ottawa County.


If your interests involve solving tough problems, inventing things, and creating innovative projects, a career in science, manufacturing, and engineering is where you belong. No matter the size of company you’re looking for, Ottawa County is home to a range of businesses from industrial manufacturing companies, to environmental organizations, and locally-owned small businesses – all of which are consistently looking for skilled tradesmen, engineers, and those with science backgrounds to create innovative projects.

Explore manufacturing, science, and engineering jobs here.

Firefighter/Police Officer

Did your childhood dream include rescuing citizens during emergency situations, and upholding peace and prosperity in your neighborhood? If so, Ottawa County is home to 14 fire stations, 10 police departments, and a sheriff’s department that work to ensure security of citizens, businesses, and visitors of the county, and act as a catalyst to the well-being of the community.

Please visit the following links for more information on being an Ottawa County Firefighter or Police Officer.


Was your childhood dream to experience the adventure and travel of a pilot? Ottawa County is home to the largest airport between Toledo and Cleveland, the Erie-Ottawa International Airport. The airport offers flight instruction through Griffing Flying Services, your source for your primary and advanced training needs.

To learn more about flight instruction services, please call (419) 734-5400 ext. 3


If you are looking to start your medical career at a community-owned hospital that truly cares about its patients, Magruder Hospital in Port Clinton, OH may be the right place for you. Magruder Hospital provides complete, comprehensive healthcare, and partners with the community to give back through education, prevention, support, and sponsorships.

Explore Healthcare Opportunities here.


If playing music is your passion and career aspiration, Ottawa County offers many opportunities to let yourself be heard. Our county is home to the Lake Erie Islands, where musicians perform daily during the summer months at Put-in-Bay restaurants and music venues. During the winter, venues like the Listening Room in Port Clinton provide a stage for world-renowned artists during their national tours and offers an intimate setting and attentive audience for original music.


Ottawa County is home to a close-knit community that offers the resources to make your career a success. Visit the Ottawa County Improvement Corporation website to learn more about the resources available within the county.

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