Parks & Nature in Ottawa County

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Have you ever woken up in the morning and realized it’s such a beautiful day outside? Nature and the outdoors can be so beautiful and peaceful. The next time you wake up and see nice weather outside your window, you should go visit one of Ottawa county’s many parks.  Ottawa county has some of the best parks, walking trails, and nature reserves in Ohio. 

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

The Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge is just one great example of the beauty in Ottawa County. If you decide to take a road trip one day, I highly recommend you make a stop there. While you are there you will come across hiking trails, current refuge closures, and wildlife living freely in their natural habitat.

This wildlife refuge also offers Artist-in-Residence opportunities. “Professional artists are invited to share the discipline while surrounded by nature”, states the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. There are also new hunting opportunities there. If you decide to visit this beautiful place, you will not regret it. 

Bald Eagle Nests

When you are out and about in Ottawa County always be on the lookout for bald eagles. Did you know that Ottawa County is the home to the most eagle nest in Ohio? There have been 90 eagle nests counted in Ottawa alone with 50 counted in Sandusky county and 32 counted in Erie county.

The bald eagle was once an endangered species with only four nesting pairs in Ohio in 1979. I’m so amazed and grateful that we now have 707 bald eagle nests throughout Ohio. Next time you take a drive or a nice walk outside, be sure to count how many nests you see! 

One of Many Parks!

The Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge is just one of the many parks in Ottawa County. There are many more throughout the county, so I’m sure you will find one in your area. While bald eagles are amazing, there are many other interesting wildlife creatures in Ottawa County.

When you have the chance, take the day to go outside and enjoy nature here in Ottawa County!

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