Highlighting Ottawa County Schools: Danbury

by Faith Trombley, Media and Marketing Intern

Ottawa County is home to award winning school districts that showcase dedication to education, community, and involvement. Faith Trombley, a senior at Danbury High School in Marblehead, OH, and a Media & Marketing Intern for the Ottawa County Improvement Corporation, provides highlights on why Danbury is such a special educational experience.

Danbury is one of the smallest schools in Ottawa County with an average graduating class of 20-50 students. “Small class sizes lend to a more personalized learning experience,” said superintendent Cari Beuhler. The needs of each student are met through the relationships that are built from the second they set foot on campus. “We embrace all personalities and interests to help students become successful,” Beuhler said. A benefit of Danbury being a small school is that everyone knows everyone – this provides students with personalized learning and assistance when needed.

This year will be the second year that Danbury’s Core Values have been in place. The acronym is “LAKERS,” and it is not only a word to describe our core values, but also to describe Danbury’s staff and students. The “R” stands for Relationships, and as a student from Danbury, relationships are important to all of us. DHS is a family. When you become a Laker, you become family and won’t be treated any less. “Personally, my favorite core value would have to be relationships,” said Mrs. Beuhler, “People don’t care what you know, or what your title is until they know that you care,” she went on, “it can be hard to show leadership or accountability, but relationships are something everyone can relate to.” This year is Mrs. Beuhler’s second year as Danbury’s Superintendent and everyone here has welcomed her to the family with open arms just like we do with everyone else.

Extracurriculars are also an important part of life here at DHS. All students are encouraged to participate in something. It is in this way that Danbury is inclusive. We don’t care where you came from or what you look like. If you’re here to participate and have a good time you will always be welcomed. Taking part in a sport or other extracurricular gives students a chance to be part of something more than just school. “Extracurriculars allow for a well-rounded high school experience that all students should have,” agreed Beuhler, “You can be part of any extracurricular no matter who you are,” she continued. “There is always a place for you!” This is true. Between sports, music, and an assortment of other clubs, there is a place for everyone at Danbury.

To learn more about all six public school districts and three private k-5 schools that call Ottawa County home, visit the Ottawa County Improvement Corporation website.

About the Author

Faith Trombley is a Media and Marketing intern with the Ottawa County Improvement Corporation. As a senior at Danbury High School in Marblehead, OH, Faith is interested in broadcast media, journalism, and digital marketing. Faith is involved in choir and spends most of her time in Toft’s Ice Cream Parlor in Port Clinton. After graduation, she plans to attend Wittenberg University.

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