The Class of 2020 Finds Ways to Celebrate During Social Distancing

With schools and business closed due to COVID-19, it is a strange year for the graduating class of 2020. But through these difficult times, there is a beacon of hope. Students, parents, and teachers across the country are thinking outside-the-box to bring the class of 2020 the special semester they want and deserve.

Here are a few creative and fun ways that the class of 2020 is celebrating their last few weeks of high school during this time of social distancing.

Drive-By Birthday Parades

When you can’t throw an in-person birthday party, what do you do? Some people have been taking birthday wishes outside – sitting on their porch or in the driveway while friends and family drive by and say hello. It’s a modern-day parade right in your front yard! See what students are doing across the country to celebrate birthdays:

Creative Prom Ideas

Probably one of the hardest parts of social distancing for 2020’s seniors is missing out on those special events that only seniors can attend, such as prom and graduation. But just because prom is cancelled doesn’t mean that you can’t host an event of your own. Seniors across the country have been hosting mini “proms” in their garages or kitchens by getting dressed up with their date, taking photos, eating a fancy meal, playing games, and more. Let’s face it – taking photos and showing off your dress or tux is one of the most fun parts of prom, anyway, so why not find some good lighting and celebrate senior year!

Check out this story of a family who created a special prom event in their garage for their son and his prom date:

Virtual Awards Ceremonies

Many high schools are hosting virtual graduation ceremonies, awards banquets, or sports recognition nights. Some schools are also finding creative ways to send students their trophies, medals, or other awards that they would normally get at these ceremonies by having awards shipped directly to students’ homes. These ceremonies are a great way for students, family, and friends to honor one another for all they have accomplished in the past four years – and you can invite as many attendees as you like!

To learn more about how to host a virtual graduation, award ceremony, or school event, check out this article:


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