10 Ways to Keep Social Distancing Fun

Since Ohio’s Governor Mike DeWine began closing schools, restaurants, entertainment venues, and other public spaces due to the COVID-19 crisis in mid-March, Ohioans have been mainly staying indoors. While the idea of staying home and watching Netflix all day sounds awesome at first, we must admit that after 4 weeks of binge watching “Tiger King” we are ready for a change of pace.

That’s why we explored 10 fun activities you can do while staying at home – that include social interaction, creativity, physical activity, and brain power – and that have absolutely nothing to do with Joe Exotic. Try out these new ways to bring happiness and productivity into your day!


1)Try a new recipe with everyday items in your pantry.

Without the commute to work or school, many people are spending more time in the kitchen preparing meals they usually wouldn’t have time for. Check out these tips from celebrity chefs on how to use the food in your pantry to make delicious and easy meals.

Or, hop on the bread-making trend, and don’t forget to share your beautiful baked goods on Instagram and Twitter! “The three days I spent baking have been my happiest and most productive days since we’ve been under quarantine. I stayed busy and motivated, I learned new things, and my house constantly smelled good.” – Marie Plunkett, 21, student.


2)Discover new music – and make your own.

Now is the perfect time to pick up that dusty guitar in your basement and learn how to play. But if you’d rather just sit back and enjoy someone else’s music – Spotify has you covered. Browse the hundreds of “Coronavirus” themed playlists curated from Spotify editors and listeners like you. You’ll surely discover some new music, and some old school favorites too.


3)Host a video chat party with your friends.

One of the hardest parts about social distancing is missing friends and family. Though there’s no replacement for face-to-face interaction, video chat parties with your friends can help make quarantine a little more fun. Set up a video chat via Zoom or the House Party app to start hanging out with friends.


4)Get an online pen pal.

When was the last time you received a handwritten letter in the mail? And when was the last time you wrote one yourself? Having a pen pal is a great way to personally connect with your friends. And the best part is that you can keep the letters to read later. Learn more about how to get a pen pal and start writing letters here.


5)Join a virtual workout class (for free).

If you’re used to going to a gym for your workouts, it’s understandable that you may be feeling a little stir-crazy right now. The good news is that gyms and fitness studios across the country are hosting free live stream workout classes with their trainers and coaches to provide you the best at home sweat-sesh possible. Check out this list of free workout classes. From yoga and weight training, to boxing and kickboxing – there’s something here for everyone.


6)Catch a “live” concert (did we also say free?!)

One of the upsides to social distancing is the fact that many of your favorite bands and artists are hosting FREE live streams via Facebook and Instagram. Check out Billboard’s list of Livestreams and Virtual concerts to watch – updated daily to provide you with access to your favorite musicians all day long.


7)Dress up in a QauranTHEME of the day

If you’re tired of lounging in sweats and a hoodie, now is the time to join one of the many QuaranTHEME parties of the day! Groups of friends across the country are making social distancing a little brighter by dressing up everyday in a different theme – think spirit days at school or football games. By the end of the day, share your outfit with your friends and vote on whose outfit was the best!


8)Give your friends and family a celebrity shoutout.

If you’re looking for a way to give back to the community while brightening someone’s day, check out Cameo. This app lets you make a charitable donation for your favorite celebrities to give you or your friend a video shout-out. Plus, you can view other celebrity content featuring your favorite actors, athletes, musicians, comedians, and more.


9)Ready for some offline entertainment? Grab a book.

If you’ve had too much time on social media and are ready to shut off your phone for a few hours, picking up a good book can be just what you need. This list of books to read during quarantine covers many genres and areas of interest – and are recommended by authors themselves. There’s bound to be something for everyone!


10)Take a virtual tour of national parks and museums.

During social distancing it can seem like your home is the only place you see, especially since vacations have been put on hold. But not anymore – with virtual tours available featuring national parks, historical sites, and museums from across the country, you can see the sights right from your living room.


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