Work Where You Love in Ottawa County

Living a happy life encompasses a few key areas, such as work-life balance, healthy relationships, physical health, and having a larger purpose for what you do.

When it comes to work, loving what you do is essential to overall well-being, especially since the workplace is where we spend most of our waking hours. Albert Schweitzer once said that “success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

That’s why one of our missions in Ottawa County is to explore fulfilling career opportunities within the county and highlight members of our community who love what they do – and who are succeeding at it, too!

Riley Herman, a 24-year-old Machinist at Chipmatic Tool & Machine Inc in Elmore, Ohio, is a great example of someone who has a purposeful and fulfilling career in Ottawa County.

“I liked the fact that I was able to get a job with no experience and received paid on-the-job training to learn everything I needed for my Machinist position,” said Riley.

An important aspect of Riley’s happiness in his role is that his work offers variety, challenges, and independence for self-guided work.

“I like having the opportunity to run different jobs on multiple machines – making different parts challenges me and keeps me on my toes.”

There’s also an aspect of quality, pride, and customer service that make this role so rewarding: “I like being able to work on my own and take great pride in my work and making quality pieces for our customers.”

But it’s not just the work that gives Riley a fulfilling career at Chipmatic – it’s also the people, location, and company culture. “I enjoy working for a company that is close to home, and the friendly staff and coworkers make everyday fun.”


Ottawa County, Ohio has a wide range of career opportunities to fit your talents and interests. Visit our website to learn more about all there is to do for living, working, and playing in Ottawa County.

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