Getting to Know Oak Harbor

Getting to Know Oak Harbor

Welcoming is the word that comes to mind when you visit Oak Harbor. This small Ohio village is located on the Portage River within Ottawa County and has been around for over 175+ years. The village features quaint shops, historic buildings, and cozy restaurants. Locals and visitors alike can find something worth while in Oak Harbor.

As a part of our Ottawa County It’s All Here campaign, we are excited to help you get to know Oak Harbor and all it has to offer.


Magee Marsh Wildlife Area

The Lake Erie marshes gained fame in the late 1800s as some of the best waterfowl hunting areas in the United States. Today, both waterfowl and deer hunting can be done on Magee Marsh Wildlife Area as long as you have a permit. If hunting isn’t your thing, you’re still welcome to check out the wildlife area, as there are walking trails and ponds that you can access.


Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

The Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge is known for their scientific excellence, stewardship of lands and natural resources, and their dedicated conservation and wildlife professionals. The purpose of the refuge is to protect, restore, and manage wetlands. They also provide resting, nesting, feeding and wintering for waterfowl and other migratory birds. The refuge strives to protect endangered and threatened species, as well as their habitats.


Black Swamp Bird Observatory

The mission of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory is to inspire the appreciation, enjoyment and conservation of birds and their habitats through research, education and outreach. The observatory was founded in 1992 by a group of biologists who were studying bird migration in the area. Today, the observatory is heavily focused on youth education and community outreach. The people and volunteers at Black Swamp Bird Observatory are focused on helping people fall in love with birds each and every day.


Erie Drifter Sportfishing

Erie Drifter sportfishing is operated by Captain Stoney King, who has over 30+ years of experience fishing the Lake Erie waters. Because of this, he knows the exact spots and tricks to make your sportfishing experience successful and memorable for years to come. At Erie Drifter Sportfishing, each and every captain is focused on providing customers with the time of their lives and making them want to come back time and time again.


Oak Harbor School District

Oak Harbor Public Schools serves over 6,000 students across 11 campuses, all of which place a strong emphasis on academics, arts and overall student achievements. Oak Harbor’s diverse coastal environment provides students with an unmatched learning experience. And, the school district is proud of the sense of community they hold. The students, families, teachers and staff are all dedicated to providing students with the resources they need to succeed.


About Ottawa County It’s All Here

The Business Advisory Counsel of Ottawa County, Ohio is excited to continue our Ottawa County It’s All Here campaign. This campaign focuses on showcasing everything that our region has to offer, with the goal of promoting employment, local businesses, and economic development. The Villages of Ottawa County Campaign is part of this initiative to highlight the places that make our community special. You can learn more by visiting our about page.


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