Bass Islands Business Spotlight

Bass Islands Business Spotlight

The Bass Islands are three American islands in the western half of Lake Erie, all of which have their own unique characteristics that draw visitors from around the country each year. There are many local businesses across the three islands including restaurants, bars, boutiques, fitness centers, and more.

The Bass Islands are sure to fulfill your expectations and are packed full of exciting experiences for both you and your family. If you’re planning a trip to any of the Bass Islands anytime soon, be sure to check out some of our favorite businesses!

As part of our Ottawa County It’s All Here campaign, we are excited to highlight local businesses in the Bass Islands in our Local Business Spotlight.


J.F. Walleyes

This family friendly restaurant is located on Middle Bass Island, in Lake Erie, directly across from the Middle Bass Island State Park & Marina. J.F. Walleyes isn’t your typical bite to eat, it’s a resort-style restaurant and offers visitors the experience of a lifetime. When you visit, don’t forget to check out their blue lagoon where you can wade in the water or relax poolside while you wait for your food to be served. The menu consists of breakfast, lunch, and dinner and a variety of options for each. If you’re interested in extending your stay, check out J.F. Walleyes’ condos and villas.


Heineman’s Winery

Heineman’s Winery has been open for 132 years and is Ohio’s oldest family owned and operated winery. Founded in 1888, the winery was founded by Gustav Heineman, an immigrant from Baden, Germany which is known as the grape growing region of the country. Today, the fifth generation of Heineman’s owns and operates the family wine business and cultivates 50 acres of grapes on the island, which gives the winery “vine to wine” quality control year after year.

Fun fact: During the prohibition-era, Heineman’s Winery survived by offering tours of the winery’s caves and selling unfermented grape juice!


Chocolate Café

The Chocolate Café is located within Put-in-Bay and attracts many visitors each year. The café is open during the summer months and its owners believe there is nothing better than a cup of coffee in the morning, an afternoon ice cream, and the perfect chocolate confection to complete the day. You can indulge in the café’s fine chocolates, coffee, and desserts while enjoying the café’s museum, which is dedicated to the history of chocolate making.

In the winter months, the owners travel the country to sell their chocolates. You can find them at shows, events, and fundraisers from October to April. Click here to view a complete show schedule.


Taco Bay

This fast and fresh Mexican cuisine is in Put-in-Bay and is a favorite among locals and tourists. Taco Bay offers a variety of Mexican dishes including street tacos, nachos, and burritos. If you’re looking for a casual restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating, Taco Bay is a great option for you. Located right on the water, the quaint Mexican restaurant provides customers with a great view and even better food. The restaurant also offers take-out and delivery service.


Muscle Bay Fitness Center

Muscle Bay is the first ever gym located on the island and offers admission for both locals and tourists. It can be difficult to stay active when you’re on vacation, but Muscle Bay is there to help with your fitness needs – whatever they may be. They offer fitness punch cards, as well as various fitness classes. During the summer, the fitness center is open daily with limited hours on the weekends. After Labor Day, the center cuts down their hours as tourists tend to visit Put-in-Bay earlier in the summer.


Misty Bay Boutique

Misty Bay Boutique is Put-in-Bay’s women’s resort wear headquarters. The shop carries a full line of women’s apparel, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and more. Misty Bay also carries top brands such as Columbia, Sebago, and Sperry. Whether you’re looking for casual attire or something a bit more fancy, Misty Bay is unlikely to disappoint. On your next shopping day, be sure to stop by Misty Bay for all of your trendy fashion needs!


About Ottawa County It’s All Here

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